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Where’s Chris Scotch wonders, Where’s Waldo? Perhaps in Oregon? August 5, 2010

Posted by whereschrisscotch in Races/Events Schedule.

It was one month ago today that I entered my first trail run (Afton Trail Run 50k) and it has been less than two weeks since I ran my first 50 mile (Voyageur Trail 50).   Neither of these races were even a fleeting thought in my head when I embarked on my campaign for Katelyn and St. Jude this spring.  However, with the support of those following Where’s Chris Scotch, my family and friends and the new friends I have met along the route, I have been able to experience things I couldn’t even conceive just a short time ago.  And we aren’t done yet! For the one month anniversary of my foray into ultra running I am announcing the next event(S) in the Where’s Chris Scotch campaign to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude.  Yes, that’s right,  events!

Where’s Waldo 100k Ultra Marathon (62 miles summiting 5 peaks in the Oregon Cascades)

And in the vein of continuing to experience things I previously never conceived, (don’t just step out of the box, tear that box  to shreds) I will be entering a road bike event despite having been on a road bike only once in my life.

Portland Century (100 mile tour of Portland and the Columbia River Gorge)

These events are back to back – Where’s Waldo is on August 21, and the Portland Century will be the next day, Sunday August 22.  This is a call to action for me and I am asking you to step up as well.  I am not a runner (can I still claim that?)   and most definitely not a road biker.  And as hard as I tried, I could not find a training program that said biking 100 miles the day after a 100K ultra marathon was a sure path to recovery.  But why let these small facts stop us?  The goal of Where’s Chris Scotch is to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude.  And somehow I got the thought that doing my longest ultra yet,  and my first road bike ride,  as back-to-back events, might raise some eyebrows!

I am committed to competing in both of these events – can you commit to donating to the cause and spreading the word?  My goal is to get 100 donations by the end of the Portland Century ride on Sunday August 22.

100 kilometer ultra marathon

100 mile road bike race

100 donations for Katelyn and St. Jude

Any and every amount helps.  Thanks!



1. LaValle - August 24, 2010

Congratulations on your time!!!
We do have a great image of the moon.
LaValle and Bill

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