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As of April 2011, TrekSta is providing my footwear of choice.  Their shoes employ the proprietary NestFit technology.

                             “The NestFIT last was born out of measurements taken from some 20,000 individual feet; human feet… just like yours. The upper, insole, midsole, and outsole mold perfectly to the unique contours of your foot, providing a custom fit unlike any other.  There are two types of shoes; NestFIT and everything else.”

TrekSta provides a nice selection of models depending on the particular environment/race I am doing.  The shoes are extremely well built  and provide a fit that is unlike anything I have ever tried before.  Check them out at http://www.trekstausa.com/


Thanks to Infinit Nutrition for their support for my 2010 endurance events. I highly recommend their products and very much appreciate their contribution. Infinit provides fully customizable sports nutrition drinks based on your individual needs and goals. Thanks Michael and Laurie!

January 2011 Update: I have used Infinit at most of my events this past year, either as stand alone nutrition or to compliment other sources (I love to eat, even when doing events ).  When I ran the Tuscobia 150 this past December Infinit was part of my nutritional plan and throughout the race I received the expected benefits I have come to count on  from Infinit.  In a long distance winter race, having a single source for everything your body needs in a form you can enjoy was even more important than a more typical race where the temps s are above 10 degrees F.  It is easy to fall into the trap of not eating or drinking in cold temps because you aren’t sweating and your appetite can fade in the cold.  But make no mistake about it, your body needs fluids, calories, protein and electrolytes.  Infinit worked marvelously and even helped to keep my bottles from freezing as fast as the bottles filled with only water.  My upcoming race at the Arrowhead 135 I plan to make Infinit my primary source of nutrition.  And by the way, I will be doing the Arrowhead 135 twice – for a total of 270 miles.

At INFINIT Nutrition, our commitment is to develop products that help our customers perform and feel better through customized nutrition solutions. We dedicate ourselves to customized product development for clients resulting in unparalleled professional partnerships.

We provide unsurpassed customer service and product quality.

We solve our customers unique nutritional needs with customized solutions that taste great and help them perform better.

We are dedicated to our community and making sure that we give back to those who have helped us to be who we are.

We commit ourselves to our employees and shareholders to be leaders in innovation and focused on our future.

Fitsok has officially invited me to be on their team and I am stoked!  They are a local company doing it right.  Great socks and great people!  Thanks Bull!


At FITSOK, our mission is simple; Give athletes the best in engineered fit and performance.

We’re committed to offering products that allow everyone to excel. Whether running, biking or training, each FITSOK pushes the boundaries of moisture and temperature management. From the athletic CF2 to the feature rich CX3 and the advanced ISW, the entire FITSOK lineup is designed to keep feet dry, comfortable and cool.

We’re excited to add our newest style, the ultra-technical F4 performance sock. Every sock is packed with tech, built right here in the USA. Running isn’t just a sport – it’s a lifestyle.

FITSOK understands that you run daily, and a 3-pack ensures you run in a fresh pair every time you lace up. It’s part of our philosophy to keep athletes on their feet. When a sock enables athletes to excel, it becomes more than a sock. It’s what you run for.

So get out there and RUN FOR IT.

TC Running Company.  Adam and Kurt know a thing or two about shoes and it shows.  They also know how to treat runners, of all kinds.  They took a stranger off the trails at Hyland and got me out of my road shoes and into some rocking trail shoes.  And trust me, this took lots of time and patience.  Great knowledge and customer service and very active in the run community.  If you are looking for running shoes or gear, you have to check these guys out!


Located in beautiful Eden Prairie, MN, and specializing in meeting the needs of the whole athlete, TC Running Company is an oasis where experience and sound advice are matched with the best gear on the market. Our customer-focused staff exists to keep runners comfortable and at the top of their game. Running isn’t just business for us; it’s a passion.

Our lines of top-quality gear include running shoes, racing spikes and flats, men’s and women’s apparel and an extensive array of running supplies and accessories. We’ve built a strong reputation by meeting our customers’ needs as they apply to every part of the runner, from head to toe, inside and out.

From the moment they set foot into our shop, customers tend to recognize right away that TC Running Company is different from all the other outfitters in Minneapolis and St. Paul. While anyone can sell shoes, we’ve found that only a handful of businesses manage to do it well enough to create lasting relationships with their customers. And of those few companies, only one in the Twin Cites is able to offer the high standard of service and helpfulness that runners demand from their great provider: TC Running Company.

Hammond’s Candies

They make the best candy.   Period.  Ask them about their BackPacker’s  Chocolate.  Truly a treat on a long run!

Thanks Andy and and Erin!

ESA Minnesota –

The Minnesota State Council of ESA International shall have as its purpose the following:  to provide and maintain a powerful network that brings good people together to pursue programs and projects that makes a positive difference – locally, nationally, and internationally.

This network has a three-fold purpose:

Education, Service and Association.

You might ask, what does a salon have to do with running?  Well, aerodynamics are important!

All kidding aside, while I can count on a great haircut (when I actually get one) from Amanda, the owner of Allen Ray, I want to mention them because they are a supporter of Where’s Chris Scotch, providing a donation to the Sushi Soiree this past fall.  I appreciate their generosity and for anyone looking for salon services, get yourself to Allen Ray!  You won’t be disappointed.

Allen Ray:
Style to fit your lifestyle
Located in the skyway system of Minneapolis, Allen Ray is a modern salon offering quality haircuts in a convenient location. At Allen Ray, we are committed to making every visit a rejuvenating one. Our hairstylists are ready to impress you.


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