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Surf the Murph Recap December 1, 2010

Posted by whereschrisscotch in Races/Events - Recaps.

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While I may have been dressed as Steve Prefontaine, I sure didn’t run like him!  Surf the Murph was packed with zany fun and a perhaps a bit of a wake up call from my body to my brain.   I took some serious time off the past month since Surf the Murph, only running 3 times.  I felt like I had to decide between serious training or serious rest, and not some combination of the two.  I chose the rest – the pizza and pops have been much enjoyed over the past month!!

The course was three 16.8 mile loops.  I ran the first lap as planned, a good pace but not too fast. The second loop started fairly well but about half way through my feet started to hurt.  Really hurt.  I ignored it and kept on.  I finished the last few miles of loop two with Jim Heebink, a fine young man from New Richmond, WI – Jim had inadvertently added about 8 miles to his 25k race and was feeling a bit less than fresh towards the end.  It was nice to settle in and chat with Jim for a while and kudos to him for pulling through the unexpected.   Spending time on the trail just meeting new people  is yet another reminder that running ultras provides many venues for one to enjoy their time on the trail. Lap 3 was a struggle.  My feet were really, really sore by now.  I kept moving forward and finished the race.  Despite the pain in my feet and disappointment at my finish time, it was still a great day, after all, I got to be Steve Prefontaine and had an excuse for that hideous mustache!!




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