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Twin Cities Marathon – Recap October 7, 2010

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Move the video to 4:24 –  you can see the “Unofficial 3:45” Pace Group finish, successfully under 3:45!

As a member of Team Fitsok, I am proud to being wearing a new singlet! Not only is Fitsok providing a chance to run for them, a great singlet and amazing socks, but they are very supportive of the Where’s Chris Scotch campaign for St. Jude and very happily agreed to allow me to put the St. Jude logo on the team singlet.

Another sponsor, Infinit Nutrition, is also represented on the singlet. They have stepped up large with their support as well. Drop me a line if you have questions about their product and you want to order.

The 2010 Twin Cities Marathon weekend was all about family, friends and fun.  Friday night the Fitsok gang got together for a team picture and some general shenanigans.  I also bumped into a few friends, exchanging words of support, while roaming around the expo soaking in the energy. TCM weekend was off to a great start.  Saturday, after playing a Piranhas game and watching a Twins game, Helen and I settled in to prepping for a dinner party of 10 with family and friends.  Nothing like a pound of steak grilled to medium rare perfection and a couple of Guinness to wash it down the night before a marathon!  The conversation and laughter of the night easily stripped away any nerves that may have been peculating and replaced them with earnestness for the big day.  Getting a chance to see my Godson, Jason, was long overdue and such a joy.

Helen and I had bantered back and forth for weeks leading up to Sunday what pace her and I would run at TCM, and if we would run together.  I don’t think we actually made a final decision until Saturday evening,  deciding to run together at a modest pace of 3:45, assuming I didn’t get antsy and try to beat her 2008   TCM time of 3:24 (the only correlation being that she ran Sawtooth 100 in 2008 (in record time) and I ran it this year (nowhere near record time)).  🙂   My friend Andy stepped to the plate and produced an “unofficial” pacer sign for us, including pictures of bacon and baileys. The two items I tasked myself with finding on the race course.   Unfortunately, or fortunately, I found neither.  But I did come across a donut with sprinkles and a wonderful danish.  Tip – eating sprinkles while running presents a coughing hazard. 🙂

The weather for race day was picture perfect.  Sunny and cool with only a slight breeze.  What I love most about TCM is the magnitude of energy provided by the tens of thousands of spectators, familiar faces and friendly strangers included,  lining the beautiful course.  When I approached the Mile 1 point on the corner of Hennepin and 9th street I started looking for my yoga instructor and friend, Myra.  I was worried I might miss her but she made sure I wouldn’t, as she was holding a “Where’s Chris Scotch” sign in her hands.  It’s the great support of friends like Myra that made running this marathon feel like a Sunday afternoon stroll instead of a joint pounding 26.2 mile beating.  There were many more familiar faces along the way, Mike from MDRA. The hootin’ and hollerin’ Twin Cities Running Co crew raising a ruckus over the loudspeaker outside their RV.  The Ultra-Family members –  Steve Quick, Zach and Jen, Tom and Nancy, and more.  Thanks to Andy, not only for his sign making, but for jumping in and running with us.  And thanks to Shira who did the same towards the end of the race.  You guys are great!  And of course, at the finish line, Mari and Jodi with mom and Dark and my Godson Jason.  Being able to share events like this with family are what truly make them worth remembering.  Your support at is priceless.


Chris and Jason at the Finsh Line



Chris and Jason at the Finsh Line 2


    The unexpected support came from the spectators and runners that created a buzz for the “Unofficial 3:45” pace group.  Throughout the day we had runners joining us who were looking for just that, a 3:45 pace group.  The spectators seemed to love the bacon and Bailey’s pictures and cheered us all on. It was all smiles all day! 

    I want to mention another gentlemen that I hope reads this post.  He was running behind Helen and me somewhere on Summit and congratulated me on my finish at the Sawtooth 100.  I assumed he was there, or that I had met him through some other runners and I asked him.  He said no, that he recognized me from reading the Where’s Chris Scotch blog.   While the blog offers a nice place to provide information about the campaign and provide a repository for the details of my races, it is really about providing another avenue to reach people and share the life saving work that St. Jude provides.  I am elated this person has been following the campaign and that he was willing to offer his support.  Thank You!

    TCM offered another opportunity for me to spread the word about the great work of St. Jude.  All in all, it was a great weekend full of laughter and fun.  As co-leaders of the “Unofficial” 3:45 pace group, Helen and I added a unique and humorous twist to our marathons, and while I can’t speak for her, I had a blast.  And being able to share it with our families makes it all the better.

    My final thoughts on TCM itself, if you have any inkling that you want to run a marathon, you HAVE to go for it and you HAVE to run Twin Cities Marathon. It is so much more than a race, and I guarantee, if you approach the start of the run with a smile, you will look back with satisfaction and an even bigger smile when you are finished!




1. TraciLeah - October 7, 2010

I wish Nick and I were closer so we could come cheer you on! Hopefully the next time you run on the west coast we can be there! I am glad you are having fun running the races!
Love and Miss You!!!

whereschrisscotch - October 7, 2010

Thanks sis! Missing you guys too! Give my brother a punch in the shoulder for me! 🙂

2. SHira Granote - October 8, 2010

Nice Joy Chris! I’m so happy were in MN for this race so that I could share a moment with you on the run. It’s great to contribute in that way. Awesome pictures. See you.

3. SteveQ - October 8, 2010

You sure looked a lot more energetic at TCM than at Superior (maybe it was the extra 80 miles)!

Bailey’s and bacon… the next aid station supply ideas…

whereschrisscotch - October 8, 2010

Thanks Steve! I suppose an couple extra miles can wear a guy down sometimes! And that would be a great aid station menu!!
It was good to see you out there, again. I love how you are always around!! Will you be at WD next weekend?

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