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The next chapter. . . July 16, 2010

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I believe I am on the threshold of a new chapter in my running journey.   The Where’s Chris Scotch campaign for Katelyn Atwell and St. Jude has provided me the intention and motivation to more deeply explore my own inner limits and running is the vehicle by which this is happening.  More specifically, trail running. Longer distances.

On the morning of the Afton Trail Run, everything that was clouding my mind going into the run –  (can I trail run?  Can I run 31 miles?  Can I survive the 90 degree heat for 7 or 8 hours? will my body hold up?)  – all  quickly faded  into the background allowing me to fully submerse myself in the present moment.   And that moment was glorious and magically  lasted for the next 6 hours.  The lines to run became crystal clear as I floated carefree over the rocks and roots.  The fragrance of the ferns and trees intertwined producing an intoxicating aroma that permeated my nose and reached all the way through my body to the ends of my toes.   The rays of sun filtering through the canopy were soft fingers gentling touching  my skin.  It felt  as though I was  on the verge of being swept off  my feet.  There were some hard parts and growing pains, as there always are when experiencing something new.  But even in the challenges I faced, I was able to remain in the present moment.  And  I learned from each obstacle that I encountered.  I learned the symbiosis  between the runner and the trail requires constant awareness of where my feet are, lest I misstep and disrupt the dance  (and fall on my face).  I continued to learn how to run faster and farther – with joy and lightheartedness.  I learned that perseverance is a quality I do not yet fully comprehend the depths of, but that to ever have a chance at comprehension requires a decision to explore.     I want to see how far this can go – it almost feels like meeting someone for the first time and feeling a spark of chemistry while at the same time feeling self-conscious and intimidated by them.  There are two choices at this point – go for it or  settle for comfort and turn and walk away.  I don’t want to wonder what could happen.  I want to throw caution to the wind and jump outside my comfort zone.   I don’t want to only live outside the box – I want to tear the box up and be rid of its constraints.   For that extra little push of encouragement, I think to myself – What Would Katelyn Say?  I bet she might say something like ” Running scared is no way to run”.

And thus, I announce my next event in the Where’s Chris Scotch campaign, my second date with trail running, and this time I will find out a lot about just how far this journey could go, and I couldn’t be more nervous….I mean excited!!  I mean nervous….    🙂

Minnesota Voyageur Trail 50 Ultra

July 24th, 2010

7am start

Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra, a 50 mile trail endurance run in Northern Minnesota. The Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra is one of the oldest trail ultramarathons in the nation. 2011 will be its’ 30th Anniversary. The rugged, varied course takes runners from Carlton High School on difficult, rough woodland trails with scenic overlooks of Duluth, MN and St. Louis Bay of Lake Superior, and the infamous “power lines” to the Duluth Zoo and back.

My lodging is still up in the air – figure I have a few days to figure it out.  Will likely end up camping – haven’t been in a tent since February  – waaay too long!



1. shira granote - July 18, 2010

Chris!!! Wow, your post kept my jaw dropped until the end, totally immersed in your words and clinging to each sentence. Magnificant description and the inner movement that’s happening is again, inspiring. It makes me think about how each of us lives our life. Love, love the sentence:
“I learned that perseverance is a quality I do not yet fully comprehend the depths of, but that to ever have a chance at comprehension requires a decision to explore.”
So true!
ANd your next run/race, holy crap that’s a Big Deal, 50 miles, that will be an exciting challenge for you! Run and enjoy.

2. ajoyfulpractice - August 13, 2010

Namaste Chris!

I’ll admit it: I’m in awe. This shouldn’t be news to either one of us – since I am, after all, one of your biggest fans. Thank you so much for continuing to share your journey and what you are learning on this journey.

Shira snagged one of the best sentences from your Afton post! Here’s my favorite from Voyageur:
“To experience this, witness this and participate in this outreach was a resounding reminder that whatever the challenge that lays before us, we don’t have to internalize and conquer it alone – there is always a community ready to lend a hand.”

That doesn’t just sum up what you experienced at the race, it sums up what you’re doing on behalf of St. Jude & Katelyn. Most importantly, it sums up our lives. Thanks for doing that!

And don’t be surprised if/when you hear me quoting you in class, because you know I believe in passing on valuable lessons!!!!

Jaya Gurudev ~ Keep Shining!

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