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Grandma’s Marathon 2010 Recap June 30, 2010

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This is all I can articulate for describing last weekend.  WOW!  There it is again!

As long as I am running marathons, I will be running Grandma’s.  The event is amazingly well organized to be sure, but there were a lot of other factors that contributed to this special weekend.  My ultra supportive parents started the weekend off right by getting a room downtown and sharing it with Cooper (my Alaskan Husky pup).  My dad, the consummate “gotta get a ride in” guy in every city he goes, took a couple hours to mountain bike while my mom and I attended the expo and packet pick up.  We then all met up for dinner and then made it to the friendly west end of Duluth to catch one of my favorite acts right now –  a local band from Minneapolis – Communist Daughter.  They played a set at Beaner’s Central, a great little coffee shop with an intimate, slightly  larger then your average family room, setting that serves coffee and a decent selection of beer.  My parents were quite impressed with Communist Daughter and was checking the concert calendar for dates in Wisconsin later this summer.  Gotta love it when you and your parents can dig the same live act!

Saturday morning the weather had cooled (90 friday afternoon) to the mid 50’s.  The options for getting to the start line included riding buses or taking the train, of which I opted for the latter.  How cool to ride a train up the scenic north shore to the start of a marathon!  Once at the starting area I found my friend Carrie and her cousin, Jason – I would be pacing them for the marathon.  I want to take a little detour here and share a bit of their story.  Their  Grandma “Duds” passed away last fall.  In honor of Duds and in memory of the amazing woman she was, 5 cousins ran Grandma’s for Grandma, Carrie and Jason included.  Here is a link to the article – definitely worth a read – http://dailyme.com/story/2010061700004781/cousins-race-honor-grandmother.html

The Grandma’s Post-Party is as well organized as the marathon.  The food/beverage/music tent is literally steps from the finish line.  There were no lines for food, drinks or bathrooms.  Plenty of places to sit after a long run and the entertainment was rocking!

So many things have to go right in a marathon to hit the goal you set for yourself.  While, my friends didn’t hit the pace they wanted, I feel lucky to have been able to watch them persist, especially when it became evident they weren’t going to hit their times.  It would have been easy for them to let up and take it slow, but they both pushed themselves to the max.  Seeing them acknowledge the situation, and then digging deep for the real reason they were running (Duds) and deciding to push themselves past the disappoint and pain was the real victory for them.  And it was inspiring to me and something I will take forward in my own running journey.

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1. Shira Granote - July 1, 2010

I love how there’s always a silver lining to everything. Inspiring for you and all who hear your experience!

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