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City of Lakes Tri-Loppet added to the Where’s Chris Scotch campaign! / With Recap June 25, 2010

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I am competing in the City of Lakes Tri-Loppet tomorrow morning.  I will be kayaking (tandem kayak)  with a good friend, Ryan, and then we are each on our own through the trail run and mountain bike.  I did this event last year and had a lot of fun.  It is a well run event and very close to home.

Proceeds Proceeds from the Tri-Loppet benefit the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation. The Foundation runs youth ski and fitness programs, helps maintain and enhance trails in Theodore Wirth Park and runs events like the City of Lakes Loppet, Tri-Loppet and Trail Loppet.

I expect the paddle to be the hardest/longest part, as it was last year.  The trail run will be slightly challenging as there will be some up and down.  The mountain bike looks to be mostly on paths – my only complaint about this event.  There is plenty of singetrack available at Theo Wirth to run us on some more challenging routes.

If anyone plans to come and watch the event, let me know and I will look for you!

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Tri-Loppet Recap

For the second year in a row, large amounts of rain the night before the Tri-Loppet made the race sloppy fun.  Ryan and I met at the bike transition area to prep our bikes and then drove to the start of the race on the south beach of Lake Calhoun.  Slightly overcast skies sprinkled a few drop on at the mass water start providing a nice base layer of moisture before we hit the trail run and bike.  The paddle went smoothly and took about 56 minutes.  Once we hit the shore and started running it took about a half mile for my legs to wake up, but from there I had a great run – good enough to rank me 12th in our category for the run.  I was feeling pretty good, and knew I had at least a few minutes on Ryan going into the bike transition (I knew I would need a cushion as Ryan is a top notch rider).  Unfortunately at my arrival to my bike, the rear tire was completely deflated.  I prepped my Big Air canister to fill the tire and thought I was good to go.  But then it all rushed out – I was riding a tubeless setup and now I realized I didn’t have a proper seal.  I carry a tube for situations like this, but I was now out of air.  I prepped the tube and waited for Ryan to come through – he generously gave me his pump and I started the tedious process of getting enough pressure into the tube to ride.  This all took about 20 minutes, plus a couple more when I had to stop 3/4 of the way through the first lap to add more air.  The bike course was shortened considerable due the rain, and the two laps only took about 20 minutes to complete.  I figure I spent more than that fixing my flat!  All things considered, it was another great event and Ryan and I are already plotting for next year.  Ryan did very well, finishing 8th in the bike and 48th overall.  Not bad at all!

The event is a great opportunity for people of all experience and skill levels to participate in an urban tri – and without the swimming!  There were all types on the course – even a grandson/grandmother combo, which was great to see.  The post race festivities included a 70’s cover band and lots of watermelon – can’t go wrong there!


1. dark - July 4, 2010

hey, how did this go?

2. whereschrisscotch - July 4, 2010

purt good, except for the flat tire. Good fun, close to home and chance to get on the water.

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