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Chequamegon 100 Recap May 28, 2010

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I rode the Chequamegon 100 last saturday along with Dark, Mike S, Ryan G. and Bob T.  The race was a real endurance test, as I was on the course for over 15 hours.  There was a water stop at mile 20 and a bag drop at mile 55.  The course was mostly unmarked for the race and directions were provided by a cue sheet.  There are miles and miles and miles of trails in the area and navigating proved to be nearly as difficult as the riding itself.  By my best count, I probably spent about 2-3 hours either on the wrong trail (lost) or looking at the cue sheet trying to figure out which way to go.

Overall, the race was a fantastic experience.  I typically don’t run or ride in a group with others, mostly due to my own desire to stick to my own pace.  But this race worked out quite well for some group riding and I thoroughly enjoyed the riding companionship I had with Mike, Dark, Larry, David and Lisa.  The latter 3 are riders that I met on the course and while I like to think I helped push them a bit, I am glad they were pushing me.

Lisa gets special kudos for pulling me through the double track and gravel roads, in addition to donating to the Where’s Chris Scotch cause.  Lisa is a roadie who took up mountain biking about a year ago.  I am putting everyone on notice now, she will be good!  The last 15 or so miles Lisa and I found ourselves lost and in the dark contemplating whether or not to bail on the course and find the shortest way out, or to stick with the cue sheet.  With the help of her compass and maps, we found our way along the correct route and finished together just after 10 pm.

The grassroots nature of this event coupled with the excellent single track and sheer endurance aspect make this an “A” event in my book and I look forward to participating again next year.

There were quite a few times that I found myself tired, hungry and wondering how I would be able to finish.  When these things happened I remembered why I am competing the 2010 events – for Katelyn and St. Jude – and that the “pain” I was feeling was really just a fraction of what Katelyn has endured.  And if she can make it though with her infectious zest for life, then I certainly can.  Thanks for your inspiration Katelyn!!



1. dark - May 29, 2010

great time out there

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